Friday, March 27, 2009

GTA vice city Helicopter Cheat

Flying around in helicopters in Vice City is just awesome. With the military helicopter (hunter) you can fire unlimited missiles and bullets and its just insane. So enough said about helicopters, here is how you can lay your hands on them. Sorry to burst the bubble but there is no cheat. Fear not though, its pretty easy to get the helicopter and here's a guide to help you get them.

How to get the Hunter Helicopter?

The Hunter is the most insane helicopter in the game. Its got a machine gun and two rocket canisters. The Hunter spawns at Fort Baxter Air Base near the airport when all 100 packages are collected. Just follow the road as far as it goes into the sea. (in that direction)

How to get the Maverick?

first go towards Downtown District, where will come across a property. It is a very tall building close to Tacos Place, called Hyman Condo. If you are having a hard time looking for it, go to GTA Warehouse. Buy the property, and you will find a door with a sign on the top saying, access to rooftop. Enter it and you will be automatically teleported to the top of the building with a helipad, on that helipad is your very own personal chopper that spawns there everytime permanently.

How to get the Police Maverick?
This type of helicopter is what the police use when you get a three star wanted level. There is one available in the Downtown Police Department. Go around the back and you will see a staircase. Go up there and you will find a green and white helicopter, that is the Police Maverick (Note: You will not get a even 1 wanted level when you steal this type of chopper.)

How to get the VCN Maverick?

In Downtown, you might see a building near the bridge to Prawn Island with satellites on them. Steal a helicopter and fly to the top of the building, you will see a blue and white chopper, that is the VCN Maverick.

How to Get the Sparrow?

The sparrow is spawn in a small park near the Pay and Spray in Vice Point, once you get in the chopper, it will automatically trigger a mission. You just have to get out of the chopper and wait for the timer to run out to fail the mission and there you are, your own sparrow ready for free fly.

How to get Sea Sparrow?

The sea sparrow is the same like the normal sparrow except that this chopper can float on water. This type of helicopter is nowhere to be found. You can only get your hands on this chopper by collecting enough packages as possible and one will spawn in Starfish Island mansion.

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